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Our hoarding panels are manufactured out of 9mm MR-MDF sheets on a 70 x 35 timber frame and come in three different sizes; 3.6m, 3.0m and 2.4m in height by a standard 1.2m wide.Each panel is stood up and secured by special screws and steel bracing. Once all the panels are secured in place the joints are taped and the hoarding is painted on site. Black skirting is placed along both the top and bottom edges to prevent dust and debris flow. Entry to the tenancy is through a set of double doors that are hinged to open inwards. Finally, we position dust proofing overhead if required. Our hoardings are transported through shopping centres on specially made trolleys that have polyurethane wheels to prevent damage to shopping centre floors.
Shopping Centres & Construction Hoardings

The construction and design of our hoardings have been successfully evaluated by ALS Global in specification with AS 4687 – 2007. Report number: .4942-2529/3  DWI Pty Ltd  is Cm3 pre-qualified.